Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend dream part 1

We were at a state fair. We as in Jessica, Max, Matt, and Justin. At this fair they had zip line that was located thousands of feet in the air (although I kept saying kilometers in my dream). The only way to get to the zip line was take a small little airplanes that drops you onto a platform. I for some reason did not want to do the zip line, but Justin and my brother were ALL about doing the zip line. My other cousin Russell flew the plane to take Justin and Matt up there. Justin was also VERY insistent that Max would ride on his back for the zip line. Both Jess and I said it was totally fine and we trusted him. He took Max to the zip line and they rode it just fine. Max loved it! He held onto his back like he was a little monkey! no safety belts or straps.

After everyone finished there was a locker where everyone that did the zip line hung out in, and there was also a space where people could hang out if they chickened out. Everyone was telling their story about how it went. Then Batman and Robin came in. Everyone turned and said "did you guys do the zip line too??" They responded all tough and said "of course we did."

Weekend dream part 2

Totally different night over the weekend, I dreamed that a bunch of people lived on the floor of a building. Kind of like a college dorm room. In the center of the building lived a woman that owned Hell Hounds. She would release them nightly in preparation for the coming apocalypse, and the hounds would eat people. The only way they would eat someone is if they the people had eaten some of the green pellets that the lady left laying around. If someone got curious, and ate a pellet, the hell hounds would eat them that night. I basically spent the entire dream yelling at people. Telling them not to eat the green pellets because they would die and they were helping her unleash the apocalypse. I think I was the only that could actually see the Hell Hounds.

This was definitely more nightmarish than fun.