Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canning Garage

our lot had a 2nd garage on it. The 2nd garage was filled with stuff including old canned vegetables. Beets, onions, pickles, etc. in the back corner of the garage there was a door that had steps that led down to who knows where?! When I opened that door a mountain lion flew out, but I wasn't afraid and I treated it more like a pet dog, it was super friendly towards me. My family and I went down the stairs, and I came across a fully furnished apartment with a gas fireplace that had a fire going. There was a divorced man that lived with his daughter in the apartment and I talked to the man for a little while. As I was I talking I realized that I bought the garage when we bought the house, and I kept thinking...do I own this apartment?! Am I paying this guy's bills?? When I asked the guy he said "don't worry about it. It's covered." So my family and I left and went back up to the garage. When I got back to my yard there was a HUGE birthday party for me catered by this sausage company. I waited in line for a really long time talking to people, thinking about how I may actually own that apartment. When I finally got to the head of the line.....they ran out of food! POOF I woke up.

*illustration by the very talented Justin Hilden www.justinhilden.com*