Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pesky Little Devils

A group of very important people came into work, and I called them "Pesky Little Devils". Later on I had to apologize big time.

Back alley fried foods!

A friend and I walked into an alley of minneapolis, pushed our grocery cart up a ramp and went into a little tiny store. We bought a bunch of fried food. It was tasty.

"Bears use iPad" also titled "Yet another dream with Caleb and Amanda"

We took our friends, Caleb and Amanda, to our cabin. Two bears charged at us. I was freaking out but Caleb had a cool head about it.

Caleb (while holding his iPad): Dave, don't move. Just act normal.

As we acted normal, the bears became too comfortable. They started using Caleb's iPad, and followed us into the cabin. The bears then slep our couches, and used Max's baby blanket.

That is the last time I listen to Caleb.

Chocolate Lab Whale!

We were on a cruise ship, and I went out on the deck to check out the whales. As looked in the water, one of the whales came up to the surface. The whale peered out of the water and noticed that the whale was really a chocolate lab with the tail of a whale.