Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Soothe The Hulk

I was tip toeing through the city and I saw The Incredible Hulk sleeping on a huge slab of concrete. I tried not to wake him up, but he started stirring. I ran with all my might and he plowed through several buildings. Finally I turned around and yelled "Calm down!" He turned back into Bruce Banner, but it was short lived and then he started breaking down even more buildings. Dude was mad.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jimmy, Alec, and Me.

I had a dream where Jimmy Fallon, Alec Baldwin, and I were hanging out. Jimmy was drunk because someone thought he was celebrating 60 years on TV, so he asked to hang out with him and eat dinner. I drank wine, and since Alec doesn’t drink he was in a super foul mood.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What a freakin' hipster

Last night I dreamed that this guy and I were at a Salvation Army and they had a ton of Nintendo games for $5. They had Halo for SNES. AND they had the original Star Wars game in the box for $5, but the dude snatched it up before I could grab it. Then he said “well, I've got to go. I’m headed to Bedford.” And I said “what’s in Bedford?” He said there was this neighborhood that was still perfectly captured in the year 1996. “It’s like all these houses were made in 1996 and preserved perfectly. It’s so 90s” and I kept thinking “what a freakin’ hipster”.